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GRAM is a Globus project that produces technologies which enable users to locate, submit, monitor and cancel remote jobs on Grid-based compute resources. GRAM enables remote execution management in contexts for which reliable operation, stateful monitoring, credential management, and file staging are important. GRAM is not a job scheduler. Rather, it provides a single protocol for communicating with different batch/cluster job schedulers.

The GRAM project is a contributor to the Globus Toolkit distribution.

This GlobDev project webpage contains information for project committers and contributors. Information for users of GRAM can be found under the "Execution Management" sections of the Globus Toolkit user web.


Product Metadata

Release Schedule

The GRAM release schedule is aligned with the Globus Toolkit release schedule.


A new improved version of a GRAM2 compatible service is in development. The focus of the improvements target a long known problem with GRAM2, scalability. Also, we are moving to component releases for GRAM to provide more timely releases and updates. We foresee releasing a series of alphas and betas in order to harden this new version to culminate in a stable GRAM only release. We are calling this new version - GRAM5 (GRAM V5.x.x).

GRAM5 component releases and details are here:


Development roadmap for GRAM

Project Metadata


Rachana Ananthakrishnan
Joe Bester
Karl Czajkowski
Martin Feller
Jarek Gawor
Peter Lane
Ravi Madduri
Stu Martin, chair
Neill Miller
Joe Link

Development Tasks

  • Project chairs: please leave this item alone for now. Lisa to send out campaign definition instructions soon

Mailing Lists

Developer discussion (gram-dev) archive/subscribe/unsubscribe
User discussion (gram-user) archive/subscribe/unsubscribe
Announcements (gram-announce) archive/subscribe/unsubscribe
Commit notifications (gram-commit) archive/subscribe/unsubscribe

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  • Link to project FAQ here


In addition to the Globus Alliance Project Guidelines and the Globus Toolkit Guidelines, the GRAM project adheres to the following policies:

Guidelines for committers

  • Cover such issues as campaign management

Guidelines for individual contributors

  • Describe how individuals can contribute
  • Best practices for submitting contributions via bugzilla


The GRAM project gratefully acknowledges the following contributions

  • list begins here
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