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This project entered hibernation June 18th, 2008. It is not an active Incubation project.

The Data Distribution Manager (DDM) is an Incubator project that provides an efficient data distribution service for tracking, transporting and synchronizing large-scale, distributed data sets. The emphasis is on driving down the cost of sharing large data sets through efficient use of available bandwidth and storage while ensuring secure and reliable operation at scale.

DDM is being developed with a specific class of users of mind, namely knowledge workers (researchers, scientists, designers and engineers) with data-intensive technical computing needs.

This version of DDM was developed by the Univa Corporation.

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The status of DDM is: Newly accepted Incubator Project 17 January 2007, as defined by the Incubator Process Guidelines found at .


Note: The DDM project does not currently publish a roadmap via the Globus Bugzilla.

An initial DDM beta release has been imported into the subversion repository to start the incubator project. The DDM beta high-level design document describes the architecture implemented in this beta release. This code is not feature-complete (with respect to the planned DDM 1.0 release), so it might be considered an "alpha" by Globus standards. However it has had extensive quality testing which makes it a "beta" in our eyes. See the INSTALLATION section below for more information on obtaining and using the beta.

This beta release will be announced to the ddm-announce mailing list shortly.

Currently, work is in progress to import further development code that has been written since the beta release was branched. When that import is complete, all further DDM development will occur within the dev.globus repository and process. The DDM 1.0 high-level design document describes the architecture planned for the DDM 1.0 release.

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Currently, committers include:

  • Cameron Brunner
  • Tim Chabot
  • Karl Czajkowski
  • Patrick Doran
  • Kevin Hausman
  • Shae Knight
  • Sam Meder
  • Olle Mulmo
  • Steve Tuecke
  • Travis Wayne
  • Jay Yarbrough

Mailing Lists

Developer discussion (ddm-dev) archive/subscribe/unsubscribe
User discussion (ddm-user) archive/subscribe/unsubscribe
Announcements (ddm-announce) archive/subscribe/unsubscribe
Commit notifications (ddm-commit) archive/subscribe/unsubscribe

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This README.txt file gives an overview of the DDM project.


The entire DDM project is available for access under the subversion version control system. The following URLs are useful to remember:

  • is the anonymous, read-only access path and is a mirrored service which may have a slight delay in showing new revisions.
  • ssh+svn// is the write-enabled access path used by committers.

As described in the roadmap section, only a beta release is available at present. This can be obtained from the ddm-beta-release subdirectory of the repository at and it contains installation documentation when you check it out. The beta depends on patches made to the Globus Toolkit to fix bugs and add features. Due to time constraints, this beta has an unusual build process to obtain and build a patched Globus Toolkit as part of the DDM build process. These steps are documented in the following files which are included in the release tree:

  • ddm-beta-release/README.txt
  • ddm-beta-release/ddm/GT_BUILD_FOR_DDM.txt
  • ddm-beta-release/ddm/DDM_BUILD.txt

Further instructions for building development code will be posted here, once such code is in the repository and development has commenced within the dev.globus process.

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