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Globus Development Tools for Eclipse (GDTE) is an Incubator project with the purpose to build a powerful set of tools for Grid Service and Grid Application development, integrated into the Eclipse IDE.

This GlobDev project webpage contains information for project committers and contributors. Tutorials for users of GDTE can be found here at the moment. There is also some information available on how to install the software here.


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The status of GDTE is a newly accepted Incubator Project in October 2006, as defined by the Incubator Process Guidelines found at .


Development roadmap for your_project

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If you would like to become a committer, guidelines are [here].

Thomas Friese (chair)
Kay Dörnemann
Steffen Heinzl
Markus Mathes
Tim Dörnemann
Matthew Smith

Mailing Lists

Developer discussion (gdte-dev) archive/subscribe/unsubscribe
User discussion (gdte-user) archive/subscribe/unsubscribe
Announcements (gdte-announce) archive/subscribe/unsubscribe
Commit notifications (gdte-commit) archive/subscribe/unsubscribe

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In addition to the Globus Alliance Project Guidelines, the GDTE adheres to the following policies:

Guidelines for committers

  • (Rules for committers: to come. Still in the process to getting things sorted out).

Guidelines for individual contributors

  • (Policies and Best practices for contributors: To come. Still in the process to get things sorted out).


The GDTE gratefully acknowledges the following contributions

  • Robert Vossel developed an extended version of JMerge and WSDL interpreters as part of his diploma thesis.
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