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The Gavia Metascheduler (Gavia-MS) is an Incubator project that implements a metascheduler exposed as a web service. Gavia uses the Globus Toolkit 4.0 as grid middleware and uses Condor for matchmaking.

This GlobDev project webpage contains information for project committers and contributors.



  • Gavia-MS was accepted as an Incubator Project on March 6, 2007.
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    The Gavia-MS components are currently under development and being updated to the latest version of Condor in order to provide grid metascheduling functionality to the SAFORAH-CGS project. SAFORAH-CGS will bring the services of a computational grid to the existing SAFORAH Data Grid. This project is a collaboration between the Pacific Forestry Centre, University of Victoria Physics and Computer Science and the National Research Council of Canada. It is funded by the CANARIE Network Enabled Platforms program, University of Victoria, and Natural Resources Canada. More information about the SAFORAH-CGS project can be found at
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Development roadmap for Gavia-MS


This project's files are hosted on the Globus Subversion server at the following address:



If you would like to become a committer, guidelines are [here].

Ashok Agarwal, University of Victoria (UVic)
Andre Charbonneau, Organization: National Research Council of Canada (NRC)
Patrick Armstrong, University of Victoria (UVic)
Gabriel Mateescu, [Virginia Bioinformatics Institute]
Ron Desmarais, University of Victoria (UVic)
Ian Gable, University of Victoria (UVic)
Darcy Quesnel, CANARIE
Daniel Vanderster, University of Victoria (UVic)

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What does Gavia-MS do?

Gavia-MS makes it possible to use Condor as a Grid MetaScheduler. The stock Condor Job Factory in Globus isn't smart enough to properly route jobs to grid sites—it's intended for routing jobs to a local Condor pool.

Haven't people done this before?

In the past, it's been recommended that people hack the module that comes with Globus to submit jobs to grid sites, but Gavia-MS is an attempt to make using Condor as a MetaScheduler much simpler. No hacking required!

How can I get a copy of Gavia-MS?

Right now Gavia-MS isn't ready to use in a production environment, but it is ready for experimental and testing use. To get a copy, you can checkout the source from SVN. Installation instructions are in the repository.

What if I have more questions?

Feel free to ask on the gavia-ms-user mailing list. It may not look like it has much traffic, but Gavia's developers do watch the list for messages, and always try to answer questions.


This project adheres to the following policies: Globus Alliance Project Guidelines

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