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The GridWay Metascheduler is a Globus project that gives end users, application developers and managers of Globus infrastructures a scheduling functionality similar to that found on local DRM (Distributed Resource Management) systems:

  • Advanced scheduling capabilities on a grid consisting of Globus services: dynamic discovery & selection, opportunistic migration, performance slowdown detection, support for self-adaptive applications and support for the definition of new scheduling policies
  • Detection and recovery from remote and local failure situations
  • DRM-like commands to submit, monitor, synchronize and control single, array and interdependent jobs; monitor Globus resources and users; and extract Grid accounting information
  • Full support for C and JAVA DRMAA GGF standard for the development of distributed applications on Globus services
  • Straightforward deployment that does not require new services apart from those provided by the Globus Toolkit: MDS, GRAM, GridFTP and RFT
  • Modular architecture that allows an easy incorporation of new grid services and interoperability between different grid infrastructures

This GlobDev project webpage contains information for project committers and contributors. Information for users of GridWay can be found at

More information about the project at


Product Metadata


The status of GridWay is: Successfully Incubated, as defined by the Incubator Process Guidelines found at

Release Schedule

Release Schedule for GridWay


Development Roadmap for GridWay

Versions & Download

GridWay is available as part of the Globus Toolkit. Individual GridWay releases are available from the GridWay Download page. The following table shows which versions of GridWay are included in the toolkit, along with CVS information (tag and branch names):

GridWay versions and CVS information
Globus Toolkit GridWay version CVS branch CVS tags Comments
GT4.0.5 GW5.2.2+ gw_5_2_branch globus_4_0_5 Version 5.2.2 plus some bug fixes
GT4.0.6 GW5.2.3+ gw_5_2_branch globus_4_0_6 Version 5.2.3 plus some bug fixes
GT4.0.7 GW5.2.3++ gw_5_2_branch globus_4_0_7 Version 5.2.3 plus even more bug fixes
GT4.2.0 GW5.4.0 gw_5_4_branch globus_4_2_0 Current stable

Note: Stable release branches only change by means of bug fixes. Development campaigns are performed in the trunk, see this page on the organization of GridWay CVS. Specific versions of GridWay, or the latest stable code can be downloaded from the Globus CVS (check this page, and the CVS info above)

Project Metadata


Ignacio M. Llorente, chair
Ruben S. Montero
Eduardo Huedo

Mailing Lists

Developer discussion (gridway-dev) archive/subscribe/unsubscribe
User discussion (gridway-user) archive/subscribe/unsubscribe
Announcements (gridway-announce) archive/subscribe/unsubscribe
Commit notifications (gridway-commit) archive/subscribe/unsubscribe

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In addition to the Globus Alliance Project Guidelines, the GridWay project adheres to the following policies:

Guidelines for committers

  • At this time the software is hosted at Globus Project CVS Repository. Commits to this project are only possible if you work with us tightly

Guidelines for individual contributors


The GridWay project gratefully acknowledges the following contributions:

  • Javier Fontan
  • Jose Herrera
  • Tino Vazquez
  • Jose Luis Vazquez-Poletti
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