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Dev.Globus Announces First Escalation and Welcomes Six New Incubator Projects

Globus is pleased to announce that the GridWay Metascheduler project has completed incubation and is now a full Globus project. One of the initial start-up projects, GridWay has shown that they are an open, meritocratic, and healthy project, and has shown it understands the Globus Way. This is the first project to complete incubation.

GridWay gives end users, application developers, and managers of Globus infrastructures a scheduling functionality similar to that found on local resource management systems. It uses GRAM for local job submission, MDS to discover resources, and GridFTP and RFT for job staging. Functionality includes advanced scheduling capabilities, detection and recovery from remote and local failure situations , the ability to submit, monitor, synchronize and control single, array, and interdependent jobs, the capability to monitor Globus resources and users, and functionality to extract Grid accounting information. Gridway has full support for the C and JAVA DRMAA GGF standard for the development of distributed applications on Globus services.

In additional, six new projects have joined the dev.globus incubation process, bringing the total number of projects to twenty-two. With support from the NSF Middleware Initiative (NMI) and other sources, the Globus Alliance launched in early 2006 a new open development process called dev.globus ( Having seeded dev.globus with existing Globus components, the Globus community established the Incubation Management Project (IMP) in March 2006 to manage the incubation process by which further dev.globus projects are established.

DDM - contact Steve Tuecke, Univa The Distributed Data Management (DDM) project provides an efficient data distribution service that can be used to track, transport and synchronize large-scale, distributed data sets.

Gavia Meta Scheduler – contact Andre Charbonneau, National Research Council of Canada (NRC) A Condor-based metascheduler using the Globus Toolkit 4 as the Grid middleware.

Gavia Job Submission Client – contact Andre Charbonneau, National Research Council of Canada (NRC) A generic graphical user interface for job submission, monitoring and management that is tailored to work with a Globus 4 Grid running the Gavia Metascheduler.

OGRO – contact Jesus Luna, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya The Open GRid OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol) client uses CertiVeR for proxy certificate’s OCSP path validation and to request authorization information in OCSP extensions from such service.

SJTU GridFTP GUI Client (SGGC) - contact Linpeng Huang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University The SJTU GridFTP GUI Client (SGGC) is an interactive GUI client for GridFTP.

Workflow Enactment Engine Project (WEEP) – contact Ivan Janciak, University of Vienna The Workflow Enactment Engine Project (WEEP) is developing a workflow enactment engine able to fulfil requirements of highly dynamic and interactive workflows that can be fully controlled by a user.

The IMP invites other interested projects to contact us about becoming incubator projects. Current process guidelines are posted at

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