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Dev.Globus Welcomes Six New Incubator Projects from Europe and US

Globus is pleased to announce that an additional six new projects have joined the dev.globus incubation process, bringing the total number of projects to seventeen. With support from the NSF Middleware Initiative (NMI) and other sources, the Globus Alliance launched in early 2006 a new open development process called dev.globus ( Having seeded dev.globus with existing Globus components, the Globus community established the Incubation Management Project (IMP) in March 2006 to manage the incubation process by which further dev.globus projects are established.

At the SC'06 conference next week there will be several talks on how to contribute to existing dev.globus projects and/or submit new incubator projects. A schedule of Globus events can be found at The IMP would also like to invite other interested parties to contact us about creating additional incubator projects. To set up a meeting at SC'06, please contact Jennifer Schopf, IMP chair,

Grid Authentication and Authorization with Reliably Distributed Services (GAARDS) - contact Stephen Langella, Ohio State University, USA. GAARDS provides services and tools for the administration and enforcement of security policy in an enterprise Grid.

Grid Development Tools for Eclipse (GDTE) - contact Thomas Friese, University of Marburg, Germany. GDTE improves the usability of Grid technology and supports the separation of Grid middleware and application development through the use of a Service creation wizard, an Application Deployment Wizard, a Grid Configuration Assistant, and a Remote Grid Service Debugging Assistant.

Higher Order Component Service Architecture (HOC-SA) – contact Jan Duennweber, University of Muenster, Germany. The HOC-SA enables the execution of parallel implementations of typical programming patterns, accessible and customizable via Web services. Higher-Order Components (HOCs) provide Grid users with high-level programming constructs, pre-packaged with (parallel) implementations and the required middleware configuration files.

Introduce – contact Shannon Hastings, Ohio State University, USA. Introduce provides support for development and deployment of strongly-typed, secure Grid services. The current implementation of Introduce uses the Globus Toolkit as the underlying core Grid infrastructure and the Mobius framework to support strongly-typed Grid service development.

Local Resource Manager Adaptors (LRMA) – contact JP Navarro, Argonne National Laboratory, USA. The LRMA project supplies adapter modules for Globus components that provide adapter APIs for interfacing with local resource management systems.

UCLA Grid Portal Software (UGP) – contact Prakashan Korambath, University of California, Los Angeles, USA. UGP provides a web-based Grid Portal that allows users to interact with distributed computing clusters at the campus or institution level.

The IMP invites other interested projects to contact us about becoming incubator projects. Current process guidelines are posted at

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