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Workflow Enactment Engine Project

The Workflow Enactment Engine Project aims to implement an easy to use and manage workflow enactment service for WS-I/WSRF services and orchestrate the services as described by Web Services Business Process Execution Language compliant document. The workflow engine is built up of several components that collectively represent the core architecture and follows the recommendations of the Workflow Reference Model. The WEEP API is completely developed from scratch, mastering the latest Java technologies, Web and Grid standards.

Our first paper Workflow Enactment Engine for WSRF-compliant services orchestration describing architecture of the WEEP Engine has been accepted for Grid2008 conference. (June 2008)

New version available for download (May 2008)

Main new features:

  • Composite service (representing a WS-BPEL process) can be now deployment to GT4
  • Invocation of OGSA-DAI 3.0 services is fully supported
  • Support for attachments
  • Parallel loops
  • Improved WS-BPEL visualization
  • ...and many others

More details about the project can be find on the project Web Site


Incubator Product Metadata


The WEEP project is currently under development at Institute of Scientific Computing, University of Vienna

The status of WEEP is: Newly accepted Incubator Project in January 2007, as defined by the Incubator Process Guidelines found at .


Coming Soon.

Incubator Project Metadata


  • Christian Kloner
  • Ivan Janciak
  • Shannon Hastings
  • Scott Oster
  • Ravi Madduri

If you would like to become a committer, guidelines are [here].

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The WEEP engine consists of several java packages stored in the project's maven2 repository. They can be accessed using specialized tool 'WEEP Starter'. This tool allows to download all required packages, deploy the engine into GT4, start the engine and some other tasks. To use the starter application with the WEEP do the following:

  • Download WEEP Starter, unzip the file and go to the './weep' directory.
  • Be sure that your environment variables JAVA_HOME, ANT_HOME, GLOBUS_LOCATION, MAVEN_HOME point to the respective installation directories.


Ant Tasks

The main tasks of the Starter tool are following:

Deploying the WEEP engine to the GT4
ant deploy-globus
Starting HSQLDB
ant run-hsqldb
Starting Dynamic Invoker

Dynamic Invoker is a handy application which provides a convenient way of testing the underlying API of the WEEP engine. A simple example of using Dynamic Invoker with CounterService can be found here.

ant run-invoker

Running Counter Service Example

The example files are zipped in GWA archive which contains:

To start the Counter example run the following command from ./modules/client directory:

and run /
-Dtemplate.factory.url= /
http://localhost:8080/wsrf/services/gridminer/weep/ProcessTemplateFactory /
-Dgwa.example.url= /


In addition to the Globus Alliance Project Guidelines, the WEEP project adheres to the following policies:

Guidelines for committers

Guidelines for individual contributors

  • If you wish to become a contributer to this project please email Ivan at [1]


The WEEP project gratefully acknowledges the following contributions

  • Peter Brezany
  • Malcolm Atkinson
  • Joel Saltz
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