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This project has been retired. It is not an active Incubation project.

The GlobusToolkit-HandleSystem project is an Incubator project that aims to:

  • allow distributed applications based on the GT to leverage the distributed identifier service facilities of the Handle System
  • provide a webservice interface to the handle system operations and facilities
  • integrate the handles system authentication and authorization with GT's security
  • provide back-end implementations based on the Handle System for the SAML Attribute Query Interface, WS-Transfer, WS-Naming resolution services.

This GlobDev project webpage contains information for project committers and contributors. Information for users of the GlobusToolkit-HandleSystem project can be found:

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The status of gt-hs is Hibernation, as of May 2007.


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Sam Sun <ssun @>
Rachana Ananthakrishnan <ranantha @>
Raj Kettimuthu <kettimu t@>
Lars Olson <leolson1 @>, <lolson @>
Frank Siebenlist <franks @>

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In addition to the Globus Alliance Project Guidelines, the your-project adheres to the following policies:

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Guidelines for individual contributors

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The your-project gratefully acknowledges the following contributions

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