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Python Core is a Globus project that produces core Python runtime technologies for development of non-WS and WS Grid services and clients. The Python Core projects are contributed to the Globus Toolkit distribution.

pyGridWare (Python WS Core) is an implementation of the Web Services Resource Framework (WSRF), the Web Service Notification (WSN) family of standards, and WS security technology.

pyGsi is a GSI library (incomplete) and contains analogous Python tools for grid-proxy-init, grid-proxy-info, etc.

pyGlobus is a Python interface to the Globus toolkit. [SWIG] is used to generate the necessary interface code.


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pyGridWare's release schedule is aligned with the Globus Toolkit release schedule.


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How do I get the latest source code?

You can get the latest source of pyGridWare module through anonymous SVN:

   svn co pyGridWare

You'll probably also want to check out the latest version of ZSI:

   svn co
Where can I browse the source code?
Where can I find the API Documentation?
Where can I find the Tutorial?
How do I file a new bug or see existing bugs?

Use the following form to file a new bug. But before you file a new bug make sure to query the existing bugs for your problem.


In addition to the Globus Alliance Project Guidelines and the Globus Toolkit Guidelines, the Python Core project adheres to the following policies:

Guidelines for committers

  • Cover such issues as campaign management

Guidelines for individual contributors

  • Describe how individuals can contribute
  • Best practices for submitting contributions via bugzilla



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